KunstBOGEN Art Wall

Over the past year KunstBOGEN Art Wall became space for established artists to express their creativity. We were collaborating with iOnArt agency and Vienna murals who made this Art possible.


This wall was realized in collaboration with iOnArt  and Mexican artist CIX.



“The dreams guardian”

This mural represents the Creator deity Quetzalcoatl,  the god for power and energy . Covered with the feathers of the sacred quetzal bird, he protects the children who are striving for education.

On their journey they detach themselves from the chains of the system,  immerses them in the world of dreams, which is made possible through education. The little finger represents  number one , which is priority numer for education in Mexican culture. The left hand of the Aztec god stands for  a meditation symbol  and finger serves to God as an antenna through which he gains energy.

In this Mural ( graffiti)  Artist represents three different views . One as mural, the other is colorful fluorescent design that shines in the dark and possibility to see this art piece through 3D glasses .

Curated by IonArt



Artist EL Lasso

Curated by iOnArt


Artist Obed Osario

Curated iOnArt